New Relic Sphinx Build Status

Sphinx monitoring plugin for New Relic


NewRelic Sphinx Plugin is distributed as Go package, and it requires Go compiler version 1.0 or newer. This requirements can be lifted in a future, when binary packages will be available. NewRelic plugin and Sphinx engine does not have to be installed on the same server, but NewRelic plugin should be able to connect to Sphinx server from the server where its run.


  1. NewRelic Sphinx Plugin is distributed as Go package, so in order to install it you will need install Go compiler first. Go compiler installation:
    For Debian/Ubuntu you can install it from the package:
    sudo apt-get install golang
    For other operating systems please follow
  2. Install dependencies:
        sudo go get
        sudo go get
  3. Get and build NewRelic agent:
        git clone
        cd newrelic_sphinx
        go build -o sphinx_agent
  4. Checking agent:
    First time you should run agent in debug mode - just to make sure what all metrics is collected and sent to NewRelic:
        ./sphinx_agent --verbose=true --sphinx-host= --sphinx-port=9312 --newrelic-license=[your newrelic license key]</code>   </p>
    Please, don't forget to replace [your newrelic license key] with your NewRelic license key and Sphinx host and port with real connection credentials
    Please, note what for most of metrics Sphinx provide only incremented counters, not the real values so at first harvest most of metrics will be empty.
  5. Run agent in production mode:
        nohup ./sphinx_agent --sphinx-host= --sphinx-port=9312 --newrelic-license=[your newrelic license key]